Terms and Conditions

Registered users of this site may add their own content, such as directory listings, reviews, photos and comments. By accepting these terms and conditions, users agree to take full responsibility for the accuracy of their content and to not use this platform to defame, harass, bully or threaten other users, admin or members of the general public.

By creating or claiming a directory listing, the user certifies that they are an official representative of that particular business, organisation or brand and as such are authorised to create and edit content on that businesses’ behalf.

Listings and other user generated content should not include profanity, reference to illegal acts or graphic imagery of a violent or sexual nature.

All listings are subject to administrative approval by Hills Local Community Engagement. The administrator reserves the right to edit or remove listings in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Payment Terms

Registered users who select paid listing or advertising plans –

Payment may be made by Paypal or credit card through the Paypal billing platform. Credit card details are not recorded or stored by Hills Local Community Engagement. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that payment details are correct and up to date in order for payment to be processed.

To avoid the risk of losing premium listing features and published content, users may select recurring payment at the end of the term of the subscription term of their directory listing (365 days). Users will be contacted by a representative from Hills Local Community Engagement to be alerted that their listing is due to expire 30 days before expiration date, and again 7 days before listing expiration date if no response has been recorded. Users can also see the paid term remaining on each listing via the listing overview in the User Dashboard.

Payments may also be made via direct deposit to the Hills Local Bendigo Bank account with bank account details provided upon request, however users are advised that paid services may be suspended until such payment has been processed. In order to maintain continuity of service, Hills Local Community Engagement recommends that bank deposit payments are made at least 3-5 business days before the end of the current service plan.

For all payments made to Hills Local Community Engagement, users will be issued with a invoice which can be viewed from their User Dashboard.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests should be made in writing and emailed to

In the case of paid listings, users are only obligated to pay for the term of service agreed to in their selected plan and may cancel at any time. Pro-rata refunds will be issued for the remaining unused portion of the plan, minus any community contribution nominated by the user under the Hills Local Community Partnership Program. Users have the option to select to have their business information remain in the directory archives or can request that the information is removed entirely.

Hills Local Community Partnership Program

Community Affiliates

Under the Hills Local Community Partnership program, local community groups may fundraise for their group or an associated cause by choosing to act as affiliates for the Hills Local Online Community Directory. In order to be approved for the affiliate program, the group must have an active listing on the directory and must abide by the Terms and Conditions of use. In addition, the funds raised through the program must not be used to benefit any cause or program which is contrary to the values of Hills Local by promoting discrimination, exclusion, violence or antisocial behaviour.  Any group found in breach of these terms will have their affiliate access revoked, their listing removed from the directory and any pro-rata refund payments will be forfeited, to be redistributed to a local charity of the community’s choosing.

Groups who meet the approval criteria and sign an approved Partnership agreement will be issued with a unique affiliate code and marketing materials to assist with encouraging business owners to join the directory and Partnership program. The offer to join should be made in the spirit of collaboration and mutual benefit. Affiliates must abide by the terms of the signed Partnership agreement and must not solicit signups from business through the use of harassment, threats, blackmail or coercive techniques. Any affiliates found to be acting in this manner will be in breach of their agreement and will have their affiliate access revoked, and will be subject to the loss of their directory listing and unpaid funds as per the Terms and Conditions, as well as being liable for prosecution under relevant State law.

For each business that joins using their affiliate code at checkout, the nominated community group will receive $50 of the business listing fee paid to Hills Local Community Engagement. Affiliate payments will be collated and paid monthly to the group’s nominated bank account. To ensure transparency, detailed records of payments both due and paid will be kept by Hills Local Community Engagement, and will be made available to relevant stakeholders or authorised  regulatory bodies upon request.

Business Affiliates

Business owners may also act as affiliates for the Community Partnership Program by accumulating referral credits. For each new business that signs up to the Hills Local Online Directory and Community Partnership Program and nominates an existing business as their referrer, the referring business will receive a $50 credit against their next annual membership fee, with 3 referrals per membership year covering the cost of a $150 annual Business Partnership. 

In the event that the referral credits exceed the cost of the annual membership, Businesses are encouraged to donate their excess credits to a local Community group of their choosing, to be used to cover the cost of that group’s next annual membership fee.

For questions or feedback around the Community Partnership Program, please contact us

Legal Disclosures

Hills Local Community Engagement’s services are covered by a $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy, with an additional $250,000 coverage against cyber threats and security breaches, provided by Bendigo Bank Insurance and underwritten by CGU Insurance. A certificate of currency may be viewed upon request. 

[updated 19/5/21]