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​My name is Carla; I am a massage therapist that uses an intuitive-base style of massage. My focus is to promote the moving and clearing of any emotional blockages within the body, giving special attention to the chakra system. Connecting at a core/soul level, I will assist your chakras to balance – realigning their momentum, allowing energy to flow and move freely. I offer a variation of treatments to suit your requirements and needs.

During a session I may use crystals, singing bowls, and essential oils to facilitate and enhance the healing and relaxation process. Prior to the massage, intentions are set by the client based on their desires so we can work towards a common goal.

Optimal wellness is achieved when all aspects of ourselves come into balance. The quickest and most effective way to do this is through the body, with massage and energy healing combined. Make time to nurture your heart and soul. Create a calmer mind and a relaxed body. Nurturing human touch is just as important as a balanced healthy diet and exercise.

Love and Light,


Treatments and Pricing 

60 Minute Full Body Relaxation – $80

A 60-minute, nurturing, full body massage to relax and nurture your body. Tension releasing, deep or gentle pressure according to clients needs. Intentions are set prior to the massage of what the client would like to achieve for the massage session.  This massage is combined with lavender essential oils and gentle music to soothe the soul and calm the mind. A relaxation massage aims to leave the client revived, rejuvenated and relaxed.

90 Minute Energetic Heartworks Massage – $120

A 90-minute massage aids to free up the energy, making the body soft, promoting an abundant flow of life energy in the recipient. Attention is given to the lymphatic system simultaneously. The practitioner massages with an open heart creating a safe environment for the receiver. Long fluid, rhythmic strokes using both forearms and hands over the whole body provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience. This massage assists to bring about balance, restoration and opening of the heart. Evoking peace to the body, mind and spirit. You will feel nurtured, calmed and restored back to yourself.

Chakra Balancing 90 Minute Full Body Massage – $130

A 90-minute full body massage, focusing on the 7 chakras. Accompanied by the use of specific crystals and paired with a chakra blend essential oil.  This massage unblocks,  re-activates and rebalances the body’s chakras, paving the way for the ability to increase levels of health, consciousness and overall well being. It may work to awaken the chakras; clearing blockages and allowing the energy to flow more freely. Evoking an expression of the Luminous Spirit.

90 Minute Hot Stone Therapy – $140

A 90-minute full body massage. An ancient style of Hot Stone Massage with authentic Basalt Volcanic Rocks from Peru. The heated rocks are placed on your body, in particular the main Chakra points for balancing energy, the rocks are also used to massage with to create a penetrating heat to soothe your muscles at the same time. This massage alleviates stress, releases toxins and relieves pain, improves overall body circulation. It is recommended for all kinds of body aches and pains, MS, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Circulatory problems and Insomnia. Aromatherapy and music is used to stimulate senses and provide an optimal relaxation experience.

60 Minute Pregnancy Massage – $80
A 60-minute, supported side-lying massage paired with a seated neck and shoulder massage, where energy is focused on the back, feet and legs to relieve muscle tension, joint pain and leg cramping. This spiritual massage aims to promote ample relaxation to decrease stress and anxiety, headaches and oedema as well as improving lymphatic and blood circulation, hormonal regulation, overall relaxation and improved pregnancy sleep.

30 Minute Foot Reflexology and Massage – $40 

This treatment is combined with a relaxation massage. An ancient foot-therapy massage focused on reflex points to promote natural body function. By working with the feet, the body progressively begins clearing blockages as they are connected to every part of our bodies and this massage aims to reduce locked up stress, improve circulation, cleanse toxins, relieve headaches and pain, and re balance hormonal cycles. Foot reflexology re-establishes a balanced energy flow to stimulate a healthy nervous system. A peppermint oil foot-bath is included prior to treatment to sooth and relax the feet.

Disclaimer : Evoke Healing Massage offers a strictly non-sexual service on all of the above massages and treatments.

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